Topographies Unveil “Night Sea,” Ahead of “Interior Spring” Album Release

The Bay Area post-punk ensemble Topographies has released their latest single, “Night Sea,” setting the stage for the anticipated release of their second album, Interior Spring, scheduled for February 2nd, 2024, via Dark Entries.

Interior Spring delves into themes of guilt, inherited trauma, and the journey towards recovery. The album’s title bears a threefold meaning: it represents a hidden river of hope, the tension of an anxious clock, and a season marked by renewal and remembrance. The influence of Gray Tolhurst’s father, Laurence Tolhurst of The Cure, is evident, yet Topographies skillfully evoke the essence of bands like Asylum Party and The Chameleons in their powerful tracks.

The band’s lead single, “Night Sea,” along with other standout songs like “Chain of Days,” showcase their talent for creating anthemic music that resonates with listeners. Tolhurst’s personal experiences with substance abuse recovery are candidly reflected in the lyrics, offering a profound insight into the cyclic nature of addiction and the pursuit of hope.

Listen to Topographies’ “Night Sea” below

Interior Spring Tracklist

  1. Night Sea
  2. Arch
  3. Cleanse
  4. Chain Of Days
  5. Never Understand
  6. Interior Spring
  7. Tied
  8. 1959
  9. Red-Black Sun
  10. Face Of Another

For more information on Topographies, order your copy of Interior Spring, or to see any upcoming tour dates, visit their official Instagram.

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