omniboi Releases Eclectic EP “Panorama”, His First Via Nettwerk

Los Angeles-based producer, vocalist, and pianist omniboi has officially released Panorama, his first EP via Nettwerk.

The six-track EP, Panorama, encapsulates a journey through diverse emotional landscapes, from nostalgia and heartbreak to grief and self-worth, all viewed through the eyes of different characters. omniboi, born Omni Rutledge, infuses his music with rich layers of meaning. “We often view life experiences as flattened, two-dimensional perspectives,” he reflects. “A panorama represents an effort to understand perspectives that we don’t usually see or relate to.” This philosophy is particularly evident in his approach to characterizing antagonists in his music. Rather than portraying them as simply evil, omniboi delves into their backstories and personal motivations, providing a more nuanced, three-dimensional perspective.

Growing up in Arizona, omniboi was influenced by the lack of major band tours in his area, leading him to explore the fringes of the music scene, including warehouse and desert raves. This eclectic background shaped his signature sound, a fusion of “kawaii future bass mixed with jazztronica,” heavily inspired by the Far East.

One of the standout tracks, “Omni-Vision,” featuring artist nelward, introduces listeners to the concept of ‘omnivision’ – the aspiration for unlimited perspectives. However, omniboi acknowledges the limitations of human understanding, noting, “We all wish we had omnivision, but there will always be blind spots.”

In “Ghost Town, USA,” omniboi reflects on his changing perspective of life in Arizona as he experienced more of the world. The track lyrically encapsulates the feelings of a young adult longing to escape the mundane. “Ghost town” serves a dual purpose in his narrative, symbolizing both the literal abandoned towns scattered across Arizona’s desert and the emotional stagnation of growing older in a familiar place.

Having recently concluded a successful tour alongside alternative R&B artist Ehiorobo, hitting both the East and West Coasts with performances in venues like New York’s Public Records and Los Angeles’ Resident, omniboi is beginning to gain momentum in the industry.

Listen to omniboi’s “Ghost Town, USA” below

Panorama Tracklist

  1. Set Apart (feat. Dona)
  2. Omni-Vision (feat. nelward)
  3. Ghost Town, USA
  4. Zoom-Out
  5. Cagecraft
  6. Marathon

For more information on omniboi or to stream your copy of Panorama, visit his official Instagram.

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