Geographer Announces Album Release Shows For “A Mirror Brightly”

Synth-pop artist Geographer, led by visionary Mike Deni, is set to celebrate his upcoming album, A Mirror Brightly, with special record release headline shows. Scheduled for release on February 23rd, 2024, the album will be supported by two headline performances at The Rickshaw in San Francisco on the day of the release and at the Lodge Room in Los Angeles on March 15th.

Geographer‘s new album promises to be a blend of personal reflection and social commentary, as evident in his latest single, “Learn How To Lose: Act 1”. Reflecting on the newly released track, Mike Deni shares “It is a song about love, but more specifically, the kind of love that needs to have its shell chipped away before it can germinate. The beginning of a relationship is often spent in a space between terror and bliss, and after losing so many times before, sometimes that’s the muscle that gets developed, the muscle of loss. I’ve spent a lot of my life trying to make doomed relationships work, I very rarely let go of anything at the right time. There was a moment in my relationship with my now fiancé when our respective defense mechanisms were rubbing uncomfortably against each other, and we had to decide to either give up or to push through. I will forever be grateful to Mike of the past for deciding to do the latter. That was an instance of a trait that has been negative my whole life—my perseverance in the face of incontrovertible evidence to the contrary—being a boon when it mattered most.”

Watch Geographer’s “Learn How To Lose: Act 1” music video below

Geographer, initially formed in San Francisco, has seen Deni evolve into a social scientist and troubadour, capturing life’s imperfections through his music. The artist has headlined numerous national tours, graced major festivals like Outside Lands and Just Like Heaven, and shared stages with renowned acts including The Flaming Lips and Young The Giant.

A Mirror Brightly is more than a personal narrative; it explores broader themes such as religion and social media’s influence on society. Deni has collaborated with producers Taylor Locke, James Riotto, and Daniel Che to bring a fresh perspective to his self-produced album. The record will feature previously released singles like “Everyone,” “The Burning Handle,” and “Van Halen.”

A Mirror Brightly Tracklist

  1. Light In The Dark
  2. I Don’t Remember It Starting
  3. One / Other
  4. The Burning Handle
  5. You Never Know
  6. Learning How To Lose: Act 1
  7. Learning How To Lose: Conclusion
  8. Van Halen
  9. Improvisation for Broken Wurlitzer (Interlude)
  10. Everyone
  11. Except You (Interlude)
  12. Got It Wrong
  13. I Ignored Everything I Could (Interlude)
  14. And I Won’t Be Here When It Ends

In addition to his music career, Deni has launched a podcast, “That Resonates With Me,” where he engages in deep conversations with singers about the development and impact of their vocal artistry. The first episode features Jon Sandler of Great Good Fine Ok.

Watch That Resonates with Me’s Episode 1 (with Jon Sandler of Great Good Fine Ok) below

Geographer 2024 Tour Dates

February 23rd – Rickshaw Stop, San Francisco, CA
March 15th – Lodge Room, Los Angeles, CA

For more information on Geographer, order your copy of A Mirror Brightly, or to see all upcoming tour dates, visit geographermusic.com.

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