Ashlynn Malia Announces Debut Album “MALIA”

Los Angeles-based indie-pop artist Ashlynn Malia is set to release her debut album, MALIA, on February 2nd, 2024, via Jullian Records. The album promises a deep dive into Malia’s self-described “ethereal pop era.”

MALIA is a journey of emotional exploration and self-discovery by Ashlynn Malia. The album opens with “Avalanche,” an experimental interlude that transitions from spoken-word to a drum and bass chorus, reflecting on themes of grief and moving on from the past. In “Cool Girl,” Malia juxtaposes chill vibes with intense, raw lyrics, delving into the complexities of dating culture and the suppression of genuine emotions.

The album then shifts to a more sensual tone with “Midas,” a portrayal of desire, pleasure, and self-worth, followed by “Feels So Good,” a vibrant summer pop anthem celebrating the thrill of new love. “Nobody Else” continues the theme of magnetic attraction but with a twist, exploring the persistence of connection amidst relationship challenges. The album’s energy peaks with “Villain,” a dark pop track questioning the source of pain in a relationship.

Ashlynn Malia‘s debut culminates with 2022 single “Dying To Miss Out” by Kim Tee, encapsulating the album’s introspective and artful essence. MALIA reflects Malia‘s artistic growth and her commitment to authenticity. “I’m just writing about my life; trying to build a world of art and beauty out of my personal experiences,” Malia shares.

Watch Ashlynn Malia’s “Cool Girl” music video below

MALIA Tracklist

  1. Avalanche
  2. Cool Girl
  3. Midas
  4. Villain
  5. Feels So Good
  6. Nobody Else
  7. Dying To Miss Out

For more information on Ashlynn Malia, order your copy of MALIA, or to see any upcoming tour dates, visit her official website.

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