Angry Blackmen Announce New Single “Sabotage”

Chicago-based experimental hip-hop duo Angry Blackmen, consisting of Quentin Branch and Brian Warren, have released their latest single, “Sabotage.” The track is a part of their forthcoming album, The Legend of ABM, set to be released on January 26th, 2024, under Philadelphia-based label Deathbomb Arc.

“Sabotage” follows their lead single “Stanley Kubrick” and delves into critical themes surrounding capitalism and mental health. Quentin Branch and Brian Warren express their perspective on hopelessness with striking lyrics like “Trapped like an animal // Amerikkka the cannibal // Penny pinchin // still tryna keep up with the annual“, reflecting the nuance of societal issues.

Listen to Angry Blackmen’s “Sabotage” below

The Legend of ABM serves as a 30-minute narrative exploring the experiences of Black men in North America. Their collaboration has produced an 11-track album that not only showcases their poetic prowess but also features a range of guest appearances from artists like Fatboi Sharif, Nordra, Skech185, and Abbie From Mars.

The album promises a raw and introspective journey through themes such as depression, existentialism, and survival. With its future-forward soundscapes produced by Formants, “The Legend of ABM” stands as Angry Blackmen‘s most potent work to date. The duo’s lyrical storytelling and emotionally charged delivery provide a vivid depiction of the challenges faced in a rapidly evolving world.

The Legend of ABM Tracklist

  1. Stanley Kubrick
  2. FNA
  3. The Legend of ABM
  4. GRIND
  5. Suicidal Tendencies
  7. Dead Men Tell No Lies (Feat. Fatboi Sharif)
  8. Amor Propio (Feat. Nordra)
  9. Sabotage
  10. Outsiders (Feat. Skech185)
  11. Magnum Opus (Feat. Abbie From Mars)

For more information on Angry Blackmen, to order your copy of The Legend of ABM in vinyl and digital formats, or to see all upcoming tour dates, visit their official Linktree.

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