The Brian Jonestown Massacre Brawl On-Stage And Cancel Tour

During a recent performance at The Forum in Melbourne, a heated altercation erupted between two members of The Brian Jonestown Massacre, resulting in the abrupt end of both the concert and the band’s current Australian tour. The incident unfolded between founding member and frontman Anton Newcombe and guitarist Ryan Van Kriedt.

Witnesses report that the band members were already displaying signs of internal strife early in the set, with frequent departures from the stage for arguments. Tensions escalated when Anton Newcombe forcibly took Ryan Van Kriedt’s guitar and struck him with it, leading to a physical confrontation. The two musicians chased and attacked each other on stage, culminating in a violent scuffle that other band members struggled to defuse.

Attendees described the atmosphere as tense, with Newcombe vocally expressing his frustrations to both the audience and Van Kriedt. Newcombe’s directive to silence Van Kriedt’s microphone and his command for Van Kriedt to exit the stage only intensified the situation. “Party’s over, captain,” Newcombe announced. “We actually don’t need you. Go. Put my guitar down on the stage and think about what’s happening.”

Social media posts from concertgoers painted a chaotic picture, with some labeling the event more akin to a wrestling match than a music performance. Accounts mentioned Newcombe’s disparaging remarks to the audience and the band’s minimal musical output amidst the turmoil.

Following the incident, The Brian Jonestown Massacre‘s management and Australian promoter confirmed the cancellation of the band’s remaining shows at the Theatre Royal in Castlemaine and the Northcote Theatre, citing “medical reasons.” This tour supported the band’s 20th studio album, Your Future Is Your Past, which has received critical acclaim since its release in February on Newcombe’s A Recordings label.

For more information on The Brian Jonestown Massacre, visit their official website.

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