SOHMA Release Debut Single “Overexposure”

New Jersey-based sparkle pop duo SOHMA, consisting of Jess Kenny and Mike Baron, has made a heartfelt entry into the music world with their debut single “Overexposure,” out now via 7hz Recordings.

Jess Kenny, facing a turbulent period marked by personal loss and a life-threatening car accident, found solace in creating music. “Overexposure” is a manifestation of this emotional period, blending elements of electronic-fuzz-pop with indie influences to explore themes of vulnerability and perseverance.

Kenny shares, “Losing my beloved cat Chaya and surviving a serious car crash was devastating. Music became my healing sanctuary.” The song’s genesis lies in these experiences, reflecting on the complexities of staying open and tender in a world that often hardens us.

Producer Kyle McCammon, known for his work with artists like Jenny Owens Youngs and Ron Pope, played a crucial role in the song’s creation. The collaboration between Kenny, Mike Baron, and McCammon was organic, leading to a track that resonates with emotional depth yet maintains an airy pop sensibility. Despite its heavy themes, “Overexposure” is surprisingly uplifting. Jess explains, “It’s about facing life’s challenges without losing your softness towards the world.”

Watch SOHMA’s “Overexposure” Music Video Below

The band’s name, SOHMA, is rooted in a personal story, inspired by one of Jess’s cats. “Soma represents a divine elixir in mythology, akin to psychedelic medicine that opens hearts and minds. Naming our band after this concept, and my cat Soma, felt right,” she explains.

Looking ahead, SOHMA is excited to unveil more music in 2024. Their debut marks the beginning of a journey filled with diverse sounds and stories. “Our music is about kindness, compassion, and empathy. We hope it helps others feel less alone, especially those struggling with mental health,” says Kenny.

For more information on SOHMA or to see any upcoming tour dates, visit their official Linktree.

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