Issues Announce Final Farewell Shows

After a period of silence that lasted nearly four years, Issues has made a bittersweet announcement to their dedicated fanbase. The group is set to bid farewell with three final shows in January, marking their first live performances since 2019. These concerts, scheduled in Anaheim, Chicago, and their hometown of Atlanta, promise to be a fitting conclusion to their influential career.

In their heartfelt farewell statement, the band members of Issues reflect on their journey: Issues has been a central figure in our lives since 2012. We’ve played countless shows, toured almost every continent, met thousands of people, and made so many friends in our peers and travel companions. The importance of this band to our lives cannot be overstated.”

The band’s decision follows a series of setbacks, exacerbated by the global events of 2020, including canceled tours, a disrupted album cycle, and the departure of their lead singer. “All of these were incredibly traumatic experiences, not only for us, but also the fans to whom our music means the most,” the band explains. The changing personal lives of the band members further contributed to their decision to end this chapter.

However, Issues is determined to leave a positive and enduring legacy. “It doesn’t feel right to end our story in tragedy. We feel very strongly that the legacy we want to leave be a positive one,” they assert. The final shows are envisioned as a celebration of their musical journey, overshadowing any controversy and changes the band faced.

Watch Issues’ “Tapping Out” music video below

Over the years, Issues has garnered critical acclaim for their innovative approach to music, blending elements of R&B, rock, and metal. They have been recognized alongside prominent artists like the Foo Fighters and Fall Out Boy and have received numerous awards and nominations.

As they prepare for their final bow, Issues promises an unforgettable experience for fans. “These shows… will stand as a monument to the music we’re so proud of, and the fans still with us,” the band states, inviting fans to join them in celebrating the end of an era.

Issues final shows

Jan 19th – Anaheim, CA @ HOB
Jan 20th – Chicago, IL @ HOB
Jan 27th – Atlanta, GA @ The Masquerade

For more information on Issues or to get your tickets to their final shows, visit their “One Last Time” website.

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