Hot Garbage Share Single “Mystery” From Upcoming Album “Precious Dream”

Toronto rock quartet Hot Garbage has released “Mystery,” the second single from their upcoming album Precious Dream, set to drop on January 19th, 2024, via Mothland and EXAG’ Records. This release comes after their recent release of album opener “Snooze You Lose.”

“Mystery” presents a narrative around characters Judy and Billy, set against a backdrop of a fuzzed-out riff with a unique surf twang. The song showcases Hot Garbage‘s flair for chromaesthesia, a sensory phenomenon where sounds evoke colors, creating a vivid musical landscape. The track’s narrative of voluntary amnesia and blissful confusion builds to an intense climax before returning to its mesmerizing guitar hook, leaving listeners pondering its deeper meaning.

Accompanied by an official video, “Mystery” exemplifies the band’s signature moody psychedelia, a recurring element in Precious Dream. The forthcoming album is a venture into darker realms, featuring searing post-punk riffs and grappling with themes such as dread, loss, resilience, and the solitude’s nuances. Each track is a step into a beautifully crafted musical maze, leading to a strangely pleasant void filled with reflections and emotions.

Watch Hot Garbage’s “Mystery” Music video Below

Graham Walsh, acclaimed for his work with Holy Fuck, No Joy, and !!!, returns as the producer. Walsh masterfully captures Hot Garbage‘s unique rock & roll sound, crafting a parallel universe filled with surreal and dystopian elements. His production sets the stage for an album that promises to be a compelling journey for fans of Sonic Youth, Frankie and the Witch Fingers, or Joy Division.

Precious Dream Tracklist

  1. Snooze You Lose
  2. Look at My Phone
  3. Lowering
  4. Mystery
  5. Tunnel Traps
  6. Sarabandit
  7. Blue Cat
  8. Traveller / Caravan
  9. Erase My Mind

For more information on Hot Garbage, to order your copy of Precious Dreams, or to check any upcoming tour dates, visit their official Bandcamp.

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