Björk And Rosalía Share New Music Video “Oral”

Internationally acclaimed musicians Björk and Rosalía have joined forces to release a powerful new track titled “Oral.” This collaboration is not just a musical venture but also a significant environmental statement, with the duo taking a stand against the intensive salmon farming practices in Björk‘s native Iceland.

“Oral,” characterized by its engaging melody and reminiscent of Björk‘s Homogenic era, serves as an artistic protest. The song’s lyrics, though seemingly personal, are part of a broader initiative to highlight the alarming consequences of open-pen ocean salmon farming. According to the duo, this practice has led to severe environmental and ecological impacts, including genetic mutations in salmon and the endangerment of Iceland’s wild salmon population.

The song was originally written by Björk between her albums Homogenic (1997) and Vespertine (2001). Rediscovered while on tour in Australia in March 2023, the track was revived in response to a distressing report on the effects of salmon farming. Björk, a passionate activist, saw this as an opportunity to use her art for a cause close to her heart. She enlisted the help of Spanish singer Rosalía to breathe new life into the song.

In addition to the track, an accompanying video created by Carlota Guerrero and executive producer Zico Judge was also released. The video, featuring avatars of Björk and Rosalía, utilizes AI technology to blur the lines between reality and virtuality. It symbolically represents female rage and resilience against the larger environmental threat posed by salmon farming.

Watch björk’s “Oral (ft. rosalía)” music video below

Proceeds from “Oral” will support a legal case against the fisheries, initiated by the residents of Seyðisfjörður, a town in eastern Iceland. This case is part of a broader movement to protect Iceland’s pristine natural habitats from the threats posed by unregulated and expanding salmon farming industries. Fans and environmental activists alike can learn more about the issue and support the cause through the Icelandic Wildlife Fund.

For more information on Björk, or to see any upcoming tour dates, visit her official website.

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