Art Feynman Releases Final Album Single “Therapy at 3pm”

Art Feynman, the imaginative persona of visual artist and producer Luke Temple, releases his new single and music video “Therapy at 3pm.” This latest creation is a tantalizing preview of his upcoming album, Be Good The Crazy Boys, which is set for release on November 10th, 2023, with Western Vinyl.

“Therapy at 3pm” features Art Feynman‘s own vocals, set against a backdrop of frantic percussion, swirling synths, and a wild saxophone intervention, perhaps as a nod to the iconic style of the Talking Heads. As Feynman sings, “It’s therapy at 3pm // If I can remember,” listeners are drawn into a sonic whirlwind reflective of the song’s theme — the fear of the world’s end.

For the first time, Art Feynman steps away from being a solo act, venturing into a live studio recording with a full band. This approach captures an authentic spirit of anxiety and restlessness, marking a new chapter in Temple’s artistic journey.

The single is accompanied by a strikingly raw video, filmed by Erren Franklin (Nico Georis), using reversal B&W regular-8mm film. True to the album’s analog ethos, the visuals for “Therapy at 3pm” are achieved through in-camera effects and meticulous hand-painting and scratching of the film.

Watch Art Feynman’s “Therapy at 3pm” music video below

Art Feynman, as a whole live band, is set to perform at 2200 Arts + Archives, Los Angeles, on December 1st, where the full album Be Good The Crazy Boys will come to life.

For more information on Art Feynman, to pre-order your copy of Be Good The Crazy Boys, or to get tickets to his upcoming performance date, visit his official Instagram.

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