ANOHNI Unveils Powerful New “Scapegoat” Music Video

Renowned artist ANOHNI has released the evocative video for “Scapegoat”, a standout track from her acclaimed album My Back Was A Bridge For You To Cross. Released under the combined banners of Rough Trade and Secretly Canadian, the track has already been celebrated by Vulture as one of 2023’s best, being described as “Both prayer and plight.”

The captivating video, directed by ANOHNI’s London-based filmmaker sister, Sara Hegarty, showcases the journey of a young woman from isolation to a pastoral world. A world where she is shielded, and jubilation, awe, and solace are hers for the taking. This video prompts viewers to ponder if such a harmonious society could even be realized. Behind the scenes, collaborating with her family, the vision was actualized by the artistic efforts of photographer and visual artist Barbara Hegarty, with assistance from Ella Hegarty.

Delving into the essence of “Scapegoat”, the track — a collaboration between ANOHNI and producer Jimmy Hogarth (Amy Winehouse, Suzanne Vega) — speaks to the torment endured by victims ensnared in cycles of persecution. ANOHNI‘s haunting lyrics resonate deeply, touching upon the heart-wrenching themes of violence, bullying, and societal expendability.

In the song’s powerful ending, ANOHNI remarks, “It doesn’t matter who you are, or where you come from…You’re my scapegoat // It’s not personal.” This line underscores the inherent impersonality and the detached cruelty behind the act of scapegoating.

Sara Hegarty expressed her inspiration behind the video, stating, “On listening to the lyrics of ‘Scapegoat,’ I felt the stark and naked pain…The end result is a film embracing a move towards the feminine, connectedness with others, and the earth.” The video’s overarching theme of transition from despair to healing is further elucidated by Barbara Hegarty who mentions its “spiritual journey through darkness and despair into the joy and light of strong connection with others and the beauty and wonder of nature.”

Ella Hegarty added, “Life ebbs and flows…This film reminds me of the importance of connection with those around me, and of the hidden talents we all have when we are given a chance to shine.”

ANOHNI emphasized broader societal shifts, drawing parallels between the subjugation of women and the earth and offering progressive solutions to these complex issues. She poignantly suggested, “Replace most men in seats of corporate, religious, and governmental power today with women.”

Watch ANOHNI’s “Scapegoat” music video below

For more information on ANOHNI, visit her website here.

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