KC Rae Announces Debut Solo Album “Think I’m Gonna Die”

KC Rae, notably recognized as KC Dalager from the musical duo Now, Now, has announced her debut solo album, Think I’m Gonna Die, set for release on November 10th, 2023.

The album announcement follows KC Rae‘s recent single release announcements, “Blockbuster” and “Bathroom Floor.” as a solo artist. These tracks marked her first new material since Now, Now‘s critically acclaimed 2018 album, Saved.

Along with the album announcement, KC Rae unveiled a new single “Parking Lot,” described as an impassioned song that crescendos to a profound release, echoing a mix of guitar and kick drum resonances. KC Rae explains, “‘Parking Lot’ is about the feeling of being held captive by someone else’s rage.” She reveals the song encompasses realization and the retrieval of her power, an apt representation of the album’s recurrent theme detailing a cycle of oppression, reflection, rebirth, and return.

Listen to KC Rae’s “Parking Lot” below

KC Rae’s journey into her solo career began in 2018, reflecting a tumultuous yet transformative period of her life, marked by profound discoveries and a newfound sense of self. She perceives the writing of these songs as an attempt to regain her power and as a response to the countless times she’d been told “No” in her career. The forthcoming album embodies raw and uncompromisingly intense narratives, enveloped in minimal production, allowing for the raw authenticity of her vocals to shine through, resonating the pains and reflections of her journey.

This debut album also reflects KC’s evolution as a songwriter, with the banjo playing a significant role throughout the album, presenting a diverse range of sounds and emotions. From the haunting tones of “Hymn” to the (Bruce) Springsteen-esque vibes in “Bathroom Floor,” KC’s use of the instrument is surprisingly versatile.

Think I’m Gonna Die Tracklist

  1. Happy
  2. Bathroom Floor
  3. Birthday
  4. Shame
  5. Don’t Make Me Laugh
  6. Blockbuster
  7. 10 Minutes
  8. Hymn
  9. Parking Lot

KC Rae is set to play her first-ever solo show on December 14th at 7th Street Entry in Minneapolis, MN.

For more information on KC Rae, to pre-order your copy of Think I’m Gonna Die, or to get tickets to her upcoming solo show, visit her website here.

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