Jagwar Twin Drops New Single “Good Time (1:08)”

The magnetic alter-ego of Roy English, Jagwar Twin, is thrilled to unveil their new, electrifying single “Good Time (1:08)”, out now via Big Loud Rock. Co-created with revered producers, Lucky West (Walk The Moon, The Vines) and Elijah Noll (Dreamers, Nessa Barrett), this single serves as a reflection of English’s journey, underlining his innovative approach to music.

Having previously released acclaimed works, such as The Circle: The Great Jagwar Myth EP and the full-length album 33, produced by GRAMMY-nominated Matthew Pauling (LP, Palaye Royale), English is back with a catchy and resonant anthem that emerges following his recent 35-date nationwide tour.

Sharing his perspective on the inspiration behind the new single, English said, “Sometimes life doesn’t make sense. It’s like we’re looking for something but we don’t know what it is … and that’s half the fun. That’s what ‘Good Time (1:08)’ is about – each step we take, leading us down an endless rabbit hole.”

Watch Jagwar Twin “Good Time (1:08)” visualizer below

Jagwar Twin is not just a musical entity but a confluence of empathy, community, and creative expression, emanating a vibe of self-discovery and encouragement for others to embark on the same journey. English’s approach with Jagwar Twin is an amalgamation of various musical genres blending garage-rock guitars with electro-pop, grimy breakbeats, vivid poetry, and soulful R&B, drawing parallels with iconic personas like Ziggy Stardust-era David Bowie and Bad-era Michael Jackson. This concoction results in a unique style, broadly categorized as “alternative,” which is definitively Jagwar Twin.

With 33, driven by hit singles such as “It’s Your Time,” “I Like To Party,” “Down To You,” and the smashing single “Happy Face,” which has astonishingly reached over 100 million on-demand streams, Jagwar Twin is a beacon of embrace.

For more information on Jagwar Twin, visit his official website here.

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