Thomas Day Shares New Single and Music Video “Gravity”

Nashville’s emerging pop sensation, Thomas Day, released his latest single, “Gravity,” accompanied by its official music video via Arista Records. This comes amid a successful 2023 run with hit singles like “Come Home,” “MASOCHIST,” and “VICIOUS” that have collectively amassed millions of streams.

Talking about the new single, Thomas Day commented on the essence stating, “This is the first proper love song I ever wrote. All of my songs are about love and heartbreak, but ‘Gravity’ is about capturing that feeling you get when you’re in love. The butterflies in your stomach, yell it from the rooftop kind of love.”

Watch Thomas Day’s “Gravity” music video below

Starting as a TikTok sensation with his soulful covers, Thomas Day has skyrocketed as a notable name in the pop genre. His partnership with Arista Records, established in 2021, has been pivotal in shaping his evolution from an online sensation to an established pop artist.

Tracing back his journey, Day‘s musical aspirations took root when he was only 9, engaging in musical theater productions. In high school, apart from fostering his love for music, Day also emerged as a star kicker in football, securing several college scholarship offers. However, in a pivotal moment in 2021, he decided to sideline the football scholarships to pursue music full time. Considering his impressive metrics of over 120 million global streams, close to 1 million Spotify monthly listeners, and a sturdy base of 7 million social followers, Day‘s musical gamble seems to have paid off remarkably.

For more information on Thomas Day, you can visit his website here.

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