The Civil Wars’ John Paul White Covers Fleetwood Mac’s “Big Love”

John Paul White, previously of The Civil Wars, has teamed up with Swedish production group Wildo DM to reimagine Fleetwood Mac’s iconic track, “Big Love”. This fresh take infuses White‘s distinctive blend of folk, country, and Americana influences into the classic song.

Having co-founded The Civil Wars with Joy Williams, White‘s illustrious journey saw the release of two prominent albums and the duo securing four Grammy Awards. While The Civil Wars remains a memorable chapter, White‘s solo endeavors have been equally mesmerizing, with albums like Beulah and The Hurting Kind captivating audiences. Most notably, White and Williams recently reunited with Taylor Swift for the re-recording of “Safe & Sound”, initially featured on the Hunger Games soundtrack.

Fleetwood Mac’s “Big Love” originally heralded from their Tango In The Night album, clinching notable chart positions in both the US and the UK. The song’s copyright, written by Lindsay Buckingham, shifted to Hipgnosis Songs Fund in 2021, leading to its rebirth through their partnership with Reimagine Records.

Speaking on the new record, White shared his excitement, stating, “I thoroughly enjoyed revisiting a song I’ve loved for ages. It was especially rewarding getting to work with old friends. Very thankful I was asked to be a part of this.” The collaboration was very much mutual, as Wildo DM, having had a plethora of artists to choose from, selected White for his expressive and powerful vocals. They expressed, “Because the original has its own place in the world, we needed someone as extraordinarily expressive as Lindsey Buckingham to cover this song. We thought of one of our favourite artists, writer and friend JPW.”

This innovative blend of indie/rock and folk promises to enchant audiences and breathe new life into a beloved classic.

Listen to John Paul White & Wildo DM’s “Big Love” single below

For more information on John Paul White, visit his website here.

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