Vilde Announces New Album “Hope”; Shares New Single “Piñata”

Australian singer-songwriter Vilde, the musical alias for Thomas Savage, has announced his forthcoming album “Hope,” set to be self-released on August 18th, 2023. The album serves as a thoughtful exploration of the human experience, grappling with the ebb and flow between hopefulness and hopelessness.

Savage brings the theme to life in the album’s lead single, “Piñata,” a lyrical introspection on the struggle between comfort and growth. The artist describes the song as a “fairly harsh, critical message to oneself. The conscious is unchained, ready to slash its past ideas and reform. The behavioural self isn’t quite so ok with that, it’s stubborn and comfortable in its tried and tested habits.”

Watch Vilde’s “Piñata” music video below

Vilde’s sound design takes inspiration from TV On The Radio, Atoms For Peace, Metronomy, and Animal Collective, and also mirrors Four Tet or Aphex Twin’s ability to blend electronic tones with a more organic human warmth. Each element in the music, from the percussive synth lines to atmospheric drum loops, creates a unique sonic landscape for Savage’s falsetto vocals.

Beyond music, the album is reflective of Savage’s transient lifestyle. He has relocated countries eight times in the last 12 years, immersing himself in new communities only to start over again. His experiences have influenced the thematic elements of the album, navigating fear, mistakes, and absurdities.

Despite the challenges, the album materializes as a beacon of optimism. Savage shares, “This record challenged and altered my concept of myself, it’s special beyond any others. I needed it, and I feel that 2023 needs it.”

“Hope” comes after Savage’s previous projects in bands Oh Mercy and Kins. It marks his fifth album as Vilde, a solo project that has provided a creative outlet for his nomadic lifestyle.

Hope Tracklist

  1. Pivot
  2. Beacon Of Hope
  3. (Inaudible)
  4. Piñata
  5. A Glimpse Of You
  6. Gist
  7. Hot Flush
  8. Sigh

For more information on Vilde or to pre-order your copy of Hope, visit his website here.

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