Album Review: Aluna – MYCELiUM – “A Sonic World That’s A Delight To Explore”

4.5 out of 5.0 stars

MYCELiUM is a masterful blend of Aluna‘s distinctive vocals and unique sound, amplified by a diverse range of collaborators from the electronic scene.

The album opens with “Before The Bloom”, where Aluna hauntingly shares, “deep underground, life begins, interconnected, sharing secrets, dividing power, a life force all around unseen.” The next track, “The Way I’m Wired”, which explores the concept of artificial love, sets the tone for the album as an immersive exploration of emotion, identity, and the vast spectrum of dance music.

Aluna’s collaborations with a roster of talent, including Route94, TSHA, Picard Brothers, MNEK, and Jayda G to name a few, infuse the album with a remarkable depth of electronic prowess. The album seamlessly transitions through a variety of narratives, experiences, and musical genres, with each track becoming an integral part of the album’s overarching story. The sensation of being “Underwater”, a collaboration with Route94, the optimism within the dance anthem “Mine O’ Mine” crafted with Jayda G, the irresistible pull of freedom embodied in “Running Blind”, a joint effort with Tchami and Kareen Lomax, all contribute to this rich narrative. The album rounds off on an introspective yet hopeful note in “Future”, a result of her collaboration with Kooldrink.

MYCELiUM particularly shines with standouts such as “The Way I’m Wired”, “Oh The Glamour”, “Beggin'”, and “Playing Wit Ya”. Self-described as being inspired by the film “Mother”, “The Way I’m Wired” offers a captivating exploration of synthetic love and its inherent paradoxes. The track showcases Aluna‘s knack for clever lyricism and her talent for drawing inspiration from unconventional sources. “Oh The Glamour”, a product of Aluna‘s combined efforts with MNEK, Pabllo Vittar, and Eden Prince, is an explosion of individuality. The vibrant energy of this star-studded collaboration is bound to electrify a live stage, creating a dazzling spectacle of glamour, rhythm, and pulsating beats.

Watch Aluna, MNEK, Pabllo Vittar, and Eden Prince’s “Oh The Glamour” music video below

“Beggin'”, crafted with Chris Lake, is a powerful anthem against being underestimated and exploited. The track’s infectious beats and impassioned vocals suggest it will enliven any live audience, with electronic drops that will undoubtedly drive the crowd into a dance frenzy. Meanwhile, “Playing Wit Ya”, developed with Walker & Royce, exudes the fierce intensity of retribution. This high-energy track is poised to be a standout in live performances, with its powerful chorus promising to elicit an outpouring of emotion and movement from any crowd, echoed by the repeating line “I’m not”.

Throughout the album, Aluna‘s mastery of her craft is evident. The harmonious interplay of different genres, the meaningful narratives, and the passionate delivery all contribute to an album that deeply resonates with listeners. This project is not merely a musical offering but a robust statement of artistic authenticity and self-expression. Aluna has deftly crafted a sonic world that is uniquely hers, and it’s a delight to explore.

MYCELiUM is out now via Mad Decent. For more information on Aluna, visit her website here.

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