Handsome Ghost Share Dreamy New Single “April Song”

Massachusetts-based duo Handsome Ghost have unveiled their mesmerizing new single, “April Song.” This dreamy track, accompanied by a captivating music video directed by Nick Noyes, promises to transport listeners to a world of contemplation. “April Song” is the latest installment to be shared off their upcoming self-titled album, which is scheduled to be released on August 25th via Nettwerk.

“April Song” invites listeners on a voyage through ethereal soundscapes and personal lyrics. Inspired by their experiences on the road, the duo captures the essence of late-night drives during tours, where the urgency to reach the next show or the longing for the comfort of home amplifies emotions. The track serves as a catalyst for moments of profound lucidity that often arise during these overnight expeditions. Handsome Ghost‘s insightful lyrics reflect on the conflicts and questions that accompany a life dedicated to music, ultimately culminating in the realization that the journey is a unique and irreplaceable one.

Handsome Ghost shares their thoughts on “April Song,” stating, “There have been many times throughout my fifteen years in music, where I’ve been driving at 4am, alone on the road, thinking ‘what the hell am I doing with my life?’ All the while knowing that I wouldn’t trade it for anything. A life in music is a life unlike any other – but it doesn’t come without conflict or questions. This theme is present throughout most of our upcoming record, maybe most explicitly in ‘April Song’.”

To complement the enchanting single, Handsome Ghost presents the “April Song” music video, directed by Nick Noyes. The video artfully portrays the feeling of being trapped and the struggle to break free. The main character, symbolically trapped in a scenario resembling a Handsome Ghost show, undergoes a transformation from what seems enjoyable to a nightmarish ordeal.

Watch Handsome Ghost’s “April Song” music video below

Reflecting on their upcoming album, Handsome Ghost explores the themes of self-reflection and the complexities of adulthood. They contemplate the bittersweet moments and wonder if their journey in music has been more bitter or sweet in the aftermath. Tim Noyes of Handsome Ghost shares, “The songs on the album are an examination of those years spent pushing the musical rock up the musical hill, and where it’s all led me. I’m less trying to answer the question of ‘was it all worth it?’ – though, for the record, I think it has been – and more just noting how it all happened, and documenting the good, the bad, and the ugly that I witnessed along the way.”

Handsome Ghost Tracklist

  1. April Song
  2. Like You Lost Your Mind
  3. Heaven Isn’t Long For You
  4. Call Me When You’re Pulling Up
  5. Neptune
  6. Boy
  7. Tonight Comes Around Again
  8. Even On The Darkest Days
  9. Figure 8
  10. Birch Trees
  11. Tiny Cracks And Pieces

For more information on Handsome Ghost or to pre-order your copy of their self-titled album, visit their website here.

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