San Cisco Unveil New Dreamy Indie-Pop Single “Honeycomb”

Australian indie-pop trailblazers, San Cisco, have returned to grace our ears with their latest musical creation, “Honeycomb.” Accompanied by a visually mesmerizing music video, this release marks a significant milestone in the band’s artistic endeavors.

“Honeycomb” sees San Cisco venturing into uncharted sonic territories, adding elements of electronic, garage, and house music to their indie-pop foundation. The result is a delicate balance of lightness and depth, creating a captivating soundscape that envelops the listener. Drummer Scarlett Stevens shines brightly with her angelic vocals, effortlessly guiding us through the song’s dreamy and introspective passages.

“Honeycomb is about the moreish feeling of falling in love,” the band explains. “It’s about self-love and self-confidence and the joy of food. It treads this fine line of not wanting to lose yourself to love but also surrendering completely to someone and the sweet feeling that comes with that.” 

Complementing the single is a captivating music video filmed along the picturesque coastline of Prevelly and Gnarabup in Western Australia. Director Caeley Wesson skillfully brings the band’s vision to life, crafting an enigmatic and visually stunning narrative. Reflecting the ethereal qualities of the song, the video invites viewers into a world where reality intertwines with fantasy, captivating the imagination and leaving a lasting impression.

“Caeley and I have always talked about doing something together and when she pitched the treatment for ‘Honeycomb’, I knew it was going to be really special,” Stevens explains. “The song and the beat is already so different for us musically and I love that the visuals reflect that.”

Watch San Cisco’s “Honeycomb” music video below

“Honeycomb” follows the recent singles “Horoscope” and “Lost Without You”, as part of San Cisco‘s forthcoming fifth studio album – which will be released by Nettwerk. The band embarked on an ambitious studio journey, splitting their time between Los Angeles and their hometown of Fremantle. Collaborating with producer James Ireland, whose previous works include Pond and Cuco, San Cisco sought to push their artistic boundaries and explore new horizons. The album was mixed by Grammy award-winning engineer Neal H. Pogue (known for his work with artists like Steve Lacy, Tyler The Creator, and Outkast) and Anthony Dolhai (noted for his contributions to , Carly Rae Jepsen, and Kesha), further enhancing the sonic richness and production quality of the upcoming release.

San Cisco‘s “Honeycomb” invites listeners to embark on a sonic odyssey, where celestial vocals intertwine with captivating musical arrangements. This indie-pop gem demonstrates the band’s growth and willingness to explore new sonic landscapes, while still maintaining their distinctive charm. With a visually mesmerizing music video and heartfelt lyrical themes, San Cisco captivates our senses and leaves us eagerly anticipating their forthcoming fifth studio album.

For more information on San Cisco, visit their website here.

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