Plain White T’s Release New SIngle “Happy”

Building on the success of their earlier release, “Spaghetti Tattoo,” Plain White T’s are back with another exciting new single “Happy”.

Plain White T’s latest single, “Happy,” is a chill and uplifting track that exudes positivity. Lyrically, the song offers an optimistic outlook on navigating difficult times and looking forward to a brighter future. Despite the slightly melancholic melodies and chords, frontman Tom Higgenson passionately declares, “I wanna be happy, happy, happy / What’s the point of being sad? / I wanna feel good.” It’s an infectious anthem that will have you dancing like nobody’s watching.

Reflecting on the new single, Higgenson shares, “The thing I love about ‘Happy’ is that the lyrics are so optimistic and fun, but the chords and the melodies are so melancholy. It’s like, ‘Ok, I know I’m going through something right now, but I just wanna get over it already and feel good again!’ Like I know things are gonna get better, but I’m not quite there yet.” The juxtaposition between the upbeat message and the bittersweet musical arrangement adds depth and complexity to the song, showcasing the band’s ability to craft emotionally resonant music.

Watch Plain White T’s “Happy” lyric video below

Earlier this year, Plain White T’s delighted fans with their brand new single and accompanying video, “Spaghetti Tattoo.” The song, an acoustic love ballad, took listeners on a journey through a memorable first date. In a creative twist, the band members appeared as puppets in the video, paying homage to iconic moments from film history. It’s a charming and endearing visual representation of the song’s heartfelt lyrics. If you haven’t seen it yet, be sure to check out the captivating “Spaghetti Tattoo” video.

In addition to their musical endeavors, the Plain White T’s recently made headlines with a heartwarming story. Frontman Tom Higgenson performed their signature smash hit, “Hey There Delilah,” bedside for a fan who was named after the track and is currently battling cancer. The touching gesture touched the hearts of many, and the story has been featured in major media outlets including CNN, PEOPLE, and Newsweek. It’s a testament to the band’s enduring impact and the genuine connection they have with their fans.

With “Spaghetti Tattoo” and “Happy,” the band proves once again that they have a knack for crafting memorable tunes that resonate with audiences worldwide. For more information on Plain White T’s, visit their website here.

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