MORGXN Releases “Modern Man”, Challenging Gender Norms & Supporting LGBTIQA+ Rights

Nashville’s alt-pop powerhouse MORGXN has made waves in the music scene once again with the release of their daring new single and accompanying music video, titled “Modern Man.” This thought-provoking creation not only showcases MORGXN‘s artistic prowess but also addresses pressing social issues surrounding gender norms and LGBTIQA+ rights.

In the visually captivating music video, MORGXN collaborates with Vidalia Anne Gentry, a drag queen and Nashville activist, who adds an extra layer of authenticity and charisma to the project. Together, they delve into the core question: “What is a modern man?”

MORGXN openly challenges the conventional and often harmful expectations placed upon men in society. The artist passionately expresses their frustration with the arbitrary and toxic nature of traditional masculinity, prompting a critical examination of what it truly means to be a “man” in the modern world.

“I have often felt like the idea of “man” in society is so arbitrary and stoic and honestly toxic and dangerous. What is a “man” and what is it that I’m aspiring to be?” shares MORGXN. “With the song and video I was hoping to flip a trope and find ultimately an expression that is uniquely my own.

The music video serves as a platform for MORGXN‘s exploration of personal identity and the freedom to be oneself outside the confines of societal definitions. It fearlessly tackles LGBTIQA+ rights and challenges rigid constructs surrounding masculinity. Through their artistry and storytelling, MORGXN encourages viewers to break free from societal norms and embrace their own individuality.

Watch MORGXN’s “Modern Man” music video below

Recently, MORGXN joined forces with The Together Collective and other artists and activists, including Brandi Carlile, Sara Bareilles, and Jason Isbell, to address an incident that sparked national outrage. B Hayes, a teenager from Nashville, was turned away from prom for wearing a suit. This act of discrimination struck a chord within MORGXN, who hails from the LGBTIQA+ community in Nashville.

In response, MORGXN spearheaded the creation of a star-studded video in support of B and to shed light on the injustices faced by LGBTIQA+ youth across the country. The collaboration not only aims to stand up for B but also raises awareness of the importance of acceptance and equality for all teens.

MORGXN‘s latest release showcases the artist’s commitment to using their platform to advocate for social change and promote inclusivity. By challenging the fixed definitions of masculinity and addressing LGBTIQA+ rights, MORGXN encourages listeners to question societal norms and celebrate the freedom to be oneself.

“Modern Man” serves as an anthem of empowerment, urging individuals to embrace their own unique expression and reject the limitations imposed by society. With their captivating blend of artistry, storytelling, and cultural significance, MORGXN continues to make a lasting impact on the music industry and beyond.

For more information on MORGXN, visit their website here.

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