Kaytraminé (Aminé & Kaytranada) Share Second Single “Rebuke”

Kaytranada and Aminé have joined forces, once again, as the electrifying duo known as Kaytraminé. Fresh off their first official release “4EVA”, which featured the iconic Pharrell Williams, the duo is back with another scintillating single, “Rebuke.”

“Rebuke” showcases the immense talent and versatility of both artists, combining Kaytranada‘s masterful production skills with Aminé‘s distinctive rap style and falsetto vocal prowess. The track delves into the emotional journey of moving on after the end of a relationship, with Aminé‘s poignant lyrics resonating deeply with listeners.

The opening verse of “Rebuke” sets the tone, as Aminé delivers introspective lines that capture the raw emotions associated with letting go. “Excuses soundin’ like I need to find myself / Just admit that this ain’t workin’, no respect was dealt,” he raps, conveying the struggles of accepting the truth. His vulnerability shines through as he navigates the painful process of witnessing an ex-partner move on with someone new. Despite the heartache, Aminé emphasizes the importance of growth and moving forward, stating, “But I know movin’ on is better than to sit and dwell.”

Listen to Kaytraminé’s “Rebuke” below

While “Rebuke” represents the artistic synergy between Kaytranada and Aminé, it serves as a mere glimpse into the much-anticipated Kaytraminé album. Set to make its debut on streaming platforms worldwide on May 19th, 2023, the album promises an array of captivating tracks and a star-studded lineup of featured artists.

Fans eagerly awaiting the release of the album can expect an extraordinary musical journey, as Kaytraminé has enlisted an impressive roster of collaborators. The album boasts contributions from acclaimed artists such as Amaarae, Big Sean, Snoop Dogg, and Freddie Gibbs, in addition to the previously released Williams collaboration.

Kaytraminé (Self-Titled) Album Tracklist

  1. Who He Iz
  2. Letstalkaboutit (ft. Freddie Gibbs)
  3. 4eva (ft. Pharrell Williams)
  4. Westside
  5. Master P (ft. Big Sean)
  6. Rebuke
  7. Sossaup (ft. Amaarae)
  8. STFU3
  9. Ugh Ugh
  10. Eye (ft. Snoop Dogg)
  11. K&A

For more information on Kaytraminé, follow their Instagram here.

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