RVG Shares “Midnight Sun” From Upcoming Album “Brain Worms”

RVG, the critically acclaimed post-punk band hailing from Melbourne, Australia, has announced the release of their new single “Midnight Sun” from their highly anticipated album Brain Worms, out June 2nd, 2023, via Fire Records.

“Midnight Sun” was inspired by the devastating Australian bushfires that occurred in 2019, during which Romy Vager witnessed the destruction of her city and the lack of urgency in addressing the climate crisis. The song’s lyrics are a poignant reflection of the frustration and anger towards those who prioritize trivial matters over pressing global issues. Vager’s powerful vocals deliver lines such as “My city is in ashes / but I’m still burning bright / Hangin’ here like a lantern / In case you change your mind,” with a sense of urgency and defiance.

Talking about the single, Vager said,“I wrote this around the time of the Australian bushfires in 2019 when it felt like everything precious about this country was being destroyed by climate change. There were all these talking heads trying to play down how much of a disaster it was, instead focusing on how much they hate immigrants or queer people. I thought – the world is literally on fucking fire and this is what you choose to use your platform on? The song is contrasting these two things, and how sick we are ideologically that we can’t identify what real problems are.”

Accompanying the release of “Midnight Sun” is a music video directed by Oscar O’Shea, which depicts Vager singing the song during a house party, while the party-goers seem oblivious to the urgency of the situation, emphasizing the contrast between real issues and distractions in today’s society.

Watch RVG’s “Midnight Sun” music video below

“Midnight Sun” is the lead single from RVG‘s upcoming album, Brain Worms, set to be released on June 2nd via Fire Records. The album was recorded in London at Snap Studios with renowned producer James Trevascus, known for his work with artists such as Billy Nomates, Nick Cave & Warren Ellis, and The Goon Sax.

Brain Worms Track List

  1. Common Ground
  2. Midnight Sun
  3. It’s Not Easy
  4. Tambourine
  5. Brain Worms
  6. You’re The Reason
  7. Squid
  8. Giant Snake
  9. Nothing Really Changes
  10. Tropic of Cancer

With “Midnight Sun,” RVG once again proves their ability to tackle pressing social issues through their music, delivering a powerful and thought-provoking message. As the world eagerly awaits the release of Brain Worms, RVG‘s new single serves as a timely reminder of the need to address urgent global challenges, and the role of music in inspiring change.

For more information on RVG, visit their website here.

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