Rosie Darling Teams Up With Boy In Space For “Nail In The Coffin”

Boston-born, LA-based pop artist Rosie Darling has released her latest single “Nail In The Coffin,” featuring Swedish alt-pop artist Boy In Space.

The emotionally charged track, produced by Justin Gammella (FINNEAS, Ashe) and Freddy Häggstam (The Chainsmokers, Bebe Rexha), offers a glimpse into Rosie Darling‘s forthcoming debut LP, set to be released later this year via Nettwerk.

“Nail In The Coffin” delves into the theme of a breakup without closure, with Rosie Darling and Boy In Space lending their distinct vocal styles to express the pain of walking away from a relationship with unresolved conflicts. The song begins with a haunting piano line and reflective echoes, building to a climax where the artists’ vocals fuse in a chillingly emotive manner.

Speaking about the inspiration behind the song, Rosie Darling shared, “I wanted to write a song about a relationship ending on bad terms and needing to walk away from it even when you have unresolved conflict between each other. That’s life sometimes though! We don’t always speak the same languages and sometimes we have to walk away and end things unresolved, and that’s painful.”

The collaboration with Boy In Space was a long-awaited one for Rosie Darling, and despite being physically apart in different countries, they were able to connect and create the song through video chats. The music video for “Nail In The Coffin,” directed by award-winning director and photographer Laura-Lynn Petrick (girl in red, Weyes Blood), was shot in the natural salt beds in Amboy, California, and the vast landscape of Sweden. The visuals capture the raw emotions of the song, with stunning imagery that beautifully complements Rosie Darling‘s powerful vocals.

Watch Rosie Darling & Boy In Space’s “Nail In The Coffin” music video below

Rosie Darling has been gaining attention for her introspective lyrics, emotive performances, and unique sound. Her previous single “Lost On You,” released in March, also received acclaim for its personal and therapeutic message about healing from heartbreak. With her debut LP on the horizon and collaborations with notable artists, Rosie Darling is poised to make her mark on the pop music scene.

For more information on Rosie Darling, visit her website here.

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