Handsome Ghost Announce New Album And Share Lead Single

Massachusetts duo Handsome Ghost has announced the release date for their highly anticipated third full-length self-titled album, set to drop on August 25th, 2023, via Nettwerk. The announcement comes with the release of their new single “Like You Lost Your Mind” and an accompanying music video directed by Nick Noyes (Nestreya, Miette Hope).

“Like You Lost Your Mind” showcases Handsome Ghost‘s signature sound, with a blend of electric guitars, subtle drums, and patient piano, all complemented by lead singer Tim Noyes’ captivating vocals. The track has a push-and-pull element, evoking a multitude of swirling emotions for listeners. Lyrically, the song alludes to the transient nature of life, urging listeners to live in the moment and embrace the fleeting beauty of experiences, even in uncertain times.

Speaking about the inspiration behind “Like You Lost Your Mind,” Handsome Ghost shared, “[Like You Lost Your Mind] came about after an impromptu, memorable trip to rural Maine during the pandemic. It recognizes that nothing is permanent and everything is fleeting, especially the good stuff. It’s a pledge to lean into experiences without a guard up and to live with an open heart, even when it feels crazy to do so.”

The music video for “Like You Lost Your Mind” is a thought-provoking visual representation of the song’s themes. It explores the idea of how people often present manicured versions of their lives to others, and the unhealthy obsession or infatuation that can sometimes be mistaken for love. The video follows a young woman who idolizes another woman she perceives as living a perfect life, only to realize that even her idol has her own struggles and imperfections.

Watch Handsome Ghost’s “Like You Lost Your Mind” music video below

Handsome Ghost‘s upcoming self-titled album promises to further solidify their place in the alternative/indie music scene, while also being their most personally revealing work to date. The album touches upon themes of temporary happiness, fate, feeling out of sync, and the trials and tribulations of adulthood. It was born out of the pandemic, but its themes are universal and relatable to many.

Lead singer Tim Noyes reflected on the songwriting process for the album, saying, “at some point it hit me that I had been playing in bands for a very, very long time. I realized that music, for better or for worse, had become the defining element of my adult life. Countless tours and making records – I’ve had incredible experiences over the years that very few people get to have. But as a result, I have found myself stuck in some sort of partial state of adulthood and I recognize the impact that years in music have had on the other parts of my life. The songs on the album are an examination of those years spent pushing the musical rock up the musical hill, and where it’s all led me. I’m less trying to answer the question of ‘was it all worth it?’ – though, for the record, I think it has been – and more just noting how it all happened, and documenting the good, the bad, and the ugly that I witnessed along the way.”

“Like You Lost Your Mind” follows the previously released singles “Birch Trees” and “Call Me When You’re Pulling Up,” which have already garnered attention for their moody and introspective vibes. Handsome Ghost also released a trio of singles in 2022, including “Figure 8,” “Heaven Isn’t Long For You,” and “Neptune,” showcasing their diverse musical influences and evocative storytelling.

Handsome Ghost Track List

  1. April Song
  2. Like You Lost Your Mind
  3. Heaven Isn’t Long For You
  4. Call Me When You’re Pulling Up
  5. Neptune
  6. Boy
  7. Tonight Come Around Again
  8. Even On The Darkest Days
  9. Figure 8
  10. Birch Trees
  11. Tiny Cracks And Pieces

Handsome Ghost is released on August 25th, 2023, via Nettwerk. For more information on the duo, visit their website here.

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