George FitzGerald Shares New Single “Mother” Featuring SYML

Following the release of his third studio album Stellar Drifting last year, George FitzGerald has announced a new EP titled Not As I, which is set to be released on June 9th, 2023, via Domino’s imprint label, Double Six.

To accompany the announcement, George FitzGerald has also released the first single from the EP, titled “Mother,” featuring the mesmerizing vocals of SYML, the solo project of American artist Brian Fennell, known for his collaboration with Lana Del Rey on her recent album, Paris, Texas.

“Mother” is an entrancing track that showcases George FitzGerald’s signature genre-defying sound, combining a beautiful piano melody with hypnotic beats and SYML‘s crystal clear vocals. The track was recorded at Fitzgerald‘s London studio at the end of 2022 and represents a new collaborative exploration for the artist.

Speaking about the collaboration with SYML, George FitzGerald shared, “Collaborating with SYML on this EP was a real joy.” Fitzgerald recalls. “I actually reached out to him a few years ago to see if he was interested in writing together. He’s an amazing lyricist and has a distinctive vocal tone, and I felt it would match my music really beautifully. Still, it took me quite a while to get to a place where I could finish the track, but sometimes you just have to let things take their course and not force them. Hopefully, you can hear some of that patience in this track.”

Listen to George FitzGerald & SYML’s “Mother” below

George FitzGerald’s upcoming EP, Not As I, is expected to showcase his continued evolution as a producer, pushing the boundaries of electronic music and reframing his work through new collaborations. He describes the EP as a return to the calmer and more intimate part of his sound, drawing inspiration from his first album, Fading Love. He sees the music on Not As I as occupying a liminal space between club and home listening, and as the afterglow from his previous album, Stellar Drifting, which was filled with nervous energy and maximalist sound design.

Not As I Track List

  1. Mother ft. SYML 
  2. Venera
  3. Not As I
  4. All Roads

Not As I to be released on June 9th, 2023, via Domino’s imprint label, Double Six.

For more information on George FitzGerald, visit his website here.

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