Beach Fossils Share New Single, “Dare Me”

Brooklyn-based indie rock band Beach Fossils have released their latest single and accompanying music video, “Dare Me,” from their forthcoming album Bunny, out June 2nd, 2023, via Bayonet.

The new single, which follows the lead track “Don’t Fade Away,” showcases the band’s growing maturity in sound, drawing inspiration from the jangly melancholy of their 2011 What a Pleasure EP, the post-punk inspired tracks from their 2013 album Clash the Truth, and the lush arrangements of 2017’s Somersault.

Frontman Dustin Payseur revealed that “Dare Me” is a song about conflict, friendship, and the intoxication of new love. In an ever-cool intonation, Payseur sings, “Went to a party // Had to break up the fight // Then we took off // ‘Cause it fucked up our night.” The accompanying music video directed by Kevin Clark (Half Alive, FINNEAS) fittingly depicts a wild late-night house party.

Watch Beach Fossils’ “Dare Me” below

The upcoming album Bunny represents a more personal work from the band, reflecting on themes such as depression, love, adventure, loss, mistakes, and friendships. Payseur’s lyrics communicate through tone and mood as well as narrative, influenced by New York poets such as Frank O’Hara, Ted Berrigan, and Anne Waldman.

Bunny represents strength through vulnerability, with poignant words about a family member’s cancer battle and the joy of being a father. The album is a mélange of granular pieces in the process of continuing to find oneself.

Beach Fossils will DJ at Home Sweet Home in New York City on April 6th, 2023, with The Dare to celebrate the release of “Dare Me.” Admission is free. The rock quartet are also scheduled to perform in Asheville, NC, on June 24th at Burial Beer’s Forestry Camp with Zola Jesus, Black Marble, and Automatic.

Bunny is set to release on June 2nd via Bayonet. For more information on Beach Fossils, visit their website here.

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