a kid named rufus Announces Debut Album, “whatever works”

Alt-pop artist a kid named rufus has announced the release of their debut album “whatever works” on July 14th, 2023, via Nettwerk. The album explores various themes such as queerness, identity, love, and homesickness.

Talking about the record, Rufus shared their excitement about the upcoming release, saying, “Making this album was the scariest, yet most fulfilling process I’ve ever gone through, and I’m so proud of the work I’ve created. I can’t wait for people to hear it.”

The artist has also released their new single “the cute girl from brewster hall” accompanied by a music video directed by Chase Denton (Devon Gilfillian, Huron John). The track has a vintage, somewhat nostalgic, pop feel to it and explores the subjects of romance, love, and sexuality. Rufus shared the inspiration behind the song, saying “It was sophomore year of college, and I was working the front desk of this freshman dorm called Brewster Hall. I saw this girl swipe her ID at the front desk and I thought she was cute. Later that day, I matched with her on Tinder. We started dating shortly after. I wrote this song for her as a present a few months into dating her.”

The music video for “the cute girl from brewster hall” features eye-catching visuals that instill a sense of escapism. Rufus shared their experience working on the music video, saying, “I always envisioned my music videos in the style of a Wes Anderson film. Everything from the mise en scene to the color palette, Anderson is so tasteful and cool, and I’ve always wanted to work with someone who could help me pull that look off. My director Chase Denton and I worked with a team of incredibly talented filmmakers from Nashville that brought that vision to life. We had call sheets, a stylist, a film crew, and a co-star: the works! It was the most fun 48 hours of my life, and the final cut turned out incredible.”

Watch a kind named rufus’ “the cute girl from brewster hall” video below

Fans can also check out the artist’s previous singles, “tryhard” and “eighteen ft. Cole Bauer” that have received support from various media outlets and Spotify playlists. “tryhard” is a jangling, synth-packed, track co-written with Benji Cormack of slenderbodies that is about letting go of the pressures in your life and freeing yourself of responsibilities. “eighteen” is a soulful effort centered with youthful optimism, twinkling melodies, and heartfelt alt-pop cadences, that reminisces on being younger and wishing things could be the way they used to be.

Overall, whatever works reflects the artist’s struggles and personal growth, and they are excited to share their work with the world.

whatever works Tracklist

  1. whatever works
  2. the cute girl from brewster hall
  3. how sweet does this sound
  4. eighteen (ft. Cole Bauer)
  5. tryhard
  6. liability
  7. i hate being cool
  8. running away from whatever you call paradise
  9. stuck in san Antonio
  10. everybody hates me

For more information on a kid named rufus, visit their website here.

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