The Mary Onettes Share Double-Single, “Easy Hands” & “Pearl Machine”

The Mary Onettes, a Swedish rock band formed in Jönköping in 2000, has released a new two-track single, “Easy Hands” and “Pearl Machine.”

The band’s journey over the years has been marked by obstacles and challenges, but their love for music and each other has kept them together. Lead songwriter Philip Ekström explained that “Easy Hands” was born out of a period of artistic frustration. The song’s core message revolves around the idea that making art is a crucial part of his identity and that he needs to be kind to himself to continue creating.

“After quite a long time being artistically a bit unsatisfied ‘Easy Hands’ came to life when I realized that making art is really who I am. I can’t escape from it. But In order to keep making art I need to be nice to myself. That’s the core of the lyrics behind ‘Easy Hands’,” explains Ekström.

The two tracks on the single feature the band’s signature sound, which is dreamy and atmospheric pop. “Easy Hands” is a rich and complex lyrical narrative that showcases the band’s artistic vision. “Pearl Machine” is a more introspective piece that complements the lead track’s mood.

Listen to The Mary Onettes’ “Easy Hands” and “Pearl Machine” below

For more information on The Mary Onettes, visit their website here.

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