Photo Ops Announces New Single, “When You See Something Beautiful In The World”

Photo Ops, the musical project led by musician Terry Price, has announced the release of a new single, “When You See Something Beautiful In The World”.

The song was inspired by Price’s experience of observing the beauty of the sky and surroundings while on a plane. He was struck by the iridescence of the clouds and the veins and arteries of light and electricity visible from his vantage point. This inspired him to write a song that captures the feeling of everything going his way.

“After a few cocktails on a flight, I noticed how iridescent the clouds looked with the sun shining off bodies of water underneath. And as the sun went down, how beautiful the different veins and arteries of light and electricity looked from that height. You combine that with the feeling of the plane in its final descent, the feeling of how much faster you are going than the cars on the highway moving in the same direction, and the pure oxygen you are breathing. A moment where everything is literally going your way – that’s as good a reason as any to write a song – in my book,” Price shared.

This new single is the latest release from Photo Ops, ahead of the upcoming release of his album Burns Bright. The album is a tribute to the commonalities of lasting influence in pop music, and it was recorded by Price in his room in Los Feliz, Los Angeles. The album draws inspiration from Price’s surroundings and his mother’s love of transcendent melodies. Burns Bright is due for release on April 28th, 2023, via Paul Is Dead.

Watch Photo Ops’ “When You See Something Beautiful In The World” video below

Burns Bright Track List

  1. Stand In The Shadows
  2. When I Think Of Tennessee
  3. You Must Not Need A Friend At All
  4. The Dream Is Done
  5. Voices Together For The Day
  6. If You Call I’ll Answer
  7. Carol
  8. Bury Me In Nashville
  9. Odd Christmas
  10. When You See Something Beautiful In The World

For more information on Photo Ops, visit his website here.

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