Niina Soleil Shares New Single, “Happy Pills”

Niina Soleil, the emerging pop artist from Los Angeles, has released her newest single, “Happy Pills”. The song marks a departure from her sun-kissed, feel-good, singles in favor of a more sophisticated and mature sound. Produced by Paper Idol, the song features sophisticated rhythms, a good-natured groove, and Soleil’s unique cheeky gravitas.

The music video for “Happy Pills”, directed by newcomer Caitlyn Phu, perfectly captures the song’s essence. Inspired by a dream of being locked in New York’s Museum of Illusions, the video showcases Soleil’s live charisma as she dances through the museum’s various exhibits. The video is an excellent visual representation of the song’s upbeat and playful mood.

Watch Niina Soleil’s “Happy Pills” below

Niina Soleil’s musical style is heavily influenced by California’s sun-soaked sound, and her unique blend of pop sensibilities with both feet on the ground. Her previous singles, “Lonely in Love”, “Make It Summer”, and “Flowers on Fire” have been well-received and have earned her a growing following. However, “Happy Pills” sees Soleil experiment with a more sophisticated sound, showcasing her versatility and talent as an artist.

Soleil’s music is often compared to the folksy intuition of Joni Mitchell, the richly laid back pace of tempo of Fiona Apple, touch of Rihanna mixed with a near-Roy Orbison ache. Her lyrics are deeply personal and introspective, drawing from her own experiences and emotions. In “Happy Pills”, she sings about the temporary escape that we often seek from our problems, whether it be through a night out, a drink, or a pill.

For more information on Niina Soleil, visit her Instagram here.

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