Charlotte Cornfield New Album, “Could Have Done Anything”

Canadian singer-songwriter Charlotte Cornfield has announced the release of her upcoming album, Could Have Done Anything, which is set to be released on May 12th, 2023, by Polyvinyl / Double Double Whammy. The album marks the follow-up to Cornfield’s critically acclaimed Highs in the Minuses and features nine new tracks including lead single, “You And Me.”

To create Could Have Done Anything, Cornfield ventured into the unknown and worked with producer Josh Kaufman (The National, The Hold Steady). She drove seven hours south in an old Subaru without air conditioning to the Hudson Valley to meet him. The duo recorded the album in just six days, with Cornfield and Kaufman playing all the instruments themselves.

The album explores themes of intimacy and absence, with the lead single “You and Me” showcasing Cornfield’s unfussy love-songwriting skills. The accompanying music video was beautifully animated by Ben Sloan (Moses Sumney, WHY?). Throughout the album, Cornfield draws inspiration from her favorite classic records, such as Tapestry (Carole King) and Blood On The Tracks (Bob Dylan).

Watch Charlotte Cornfield’s “You and Me” below

Following the album’s recording, Cornfield returned home to Canada, where she mixed and mastered the album. The singer’s new album isn’t the only thing she has to look forward to in 2023: she is also expecting her first child in April. Cornfield is due to perform at Winnipeg Folk Festival on July 6th-9th, 2023 in Winnipeg, MB.

Could Have Done Anything Tracklist

  1. Gentle Like the Drugs
  2. You and Me
  3. In From the Rain
  4. The Magnetic Fields
  5. Cut and Dry
  6. Nowhere
  7. I Dream Of
  8. Could Have Done Anything
  9. Walking with Rachael

For more information on Charlotte Cornfield, visit her website here.

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