A Certain Ratio Release New Single, “Holy Smoke”

The Manchester-based band A Certain Ratio has released a new single, “Holy Smoke,” ahead of their upcoming album, 1982. Moving away from their traditional post-punk sound, the tracks features old-school funk grooves and pays homage to the genre’s forefathers, including James Brown, Chaka Khan, and Prince.

The song opens with a catchy guitar riff before launching into a driving funk beat. Vocalist Jez Kerr’s smooth vocals glide over the groove, delivering lyrics that touch on themes of temptation and surrender. The track is a testament to the band’s ability to incorporate elements of different genres while maintaining their signature sound.

Watch A Certain Ratio’s “Holy Smoke” lyric video below

“Holy Smoke” follows the release of the band’s previous singles, “SAMO,” “Afro Dizzy,” and “Waiting on a Train.” These tracks also feature Ellen Beth Abdi, a rising neo-soul musician from Manchester. Despite being a newcomer to A Certain Ratio, Abdi has quickly become central to the band’s process, showcasing their willingness to collaborate with new talent and experiment with different sounds.

The band’s latest album, 1982, is set for release on March 31st, 2023, via Mute on vinyl, CD, and digitally. It is available to pre-order or pre-save here. It promises to be an unpredictable record that draws on influences from every spectrum, featuring searing Afrobeat, mind-melting jazz breakdowns, and moody electronic experiments.

A Certain Ratio has been active since the late 1970s and has maintained a progressive and deft approach to music-making, constantly pushing the boundaries of style and genre. Their ability to incorporate elements of different genres is evident in “Holy Smoke,” which pays tribute to funk forefathers while remaining fresh and innovative.

“Holy Smoke” is a tantalizing final taste of what’s to come on A Certain Ratio’s upcoming album, 1982. For more information on A Certain Ratio, visit their website here.

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