Shallou Shares Double-Single, “See You” And “Feels So Lonely”

Electronic music artist Shallou is embarking on a thrilling new musical journey with his “Freedive Series”. The debut release of this series includes the double-single, “See You” and “Feel So Lonely,” which displays Shallou’s expertise in crafting electrifying tracks.

“See You” boasts sharp and ethereal drums, a catchy sample, and a memorable, repetitive, vocal chorus line, while “Feel So Lonely” is a lively and rhythmic tune with captivating elements and a stunning piano arpeggio. This transformation from Shallou’s signature sound demonstrates his courage to experiment and push boundaries.

Listen to Shallou’s “See You” below

In a statement, Shallou expressed his excitement about the Freedive Series: “”See You” and “Feel So Lonely” are part of a new series and musical direction I’m calling the Freedive Series, where I expand beyond the chill, laidback music I’m known for, and make more dancefloor-friendly tracks that hit a bit harder. It was really fun to step outside my comfort zone but still retain Shallou elements that you can identify. I think it’s really artistically rewarding to take risks, and I’m really happy with the results. I’m stoked to see the response and continue in this new direction.”

Listen to Shallou’s “Feel So Lonely” below

Shallou’s fans will be thrilled to witness this exciting new chapter in his sound. Shallou’s desire to explore new frontiers highlights his artistic development and innovative spirit. The “Freedive Series” is an exhilarating new phase for Shallou. The tracks are already receiving rave reviews, and many are eagerly anticipating what’s next.

To stay up to date with Shallou, check out his releases, or see any upcoming tour dates, visit this website here.

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