Mae Stephens Releases TikTok Hit, “If We Ever Broke Up”

Viral pop star Mae Stephens has just released her much-anticipated hit “If We Ever Broke Up,” which has already garnered over 10 million views on TikTok.

The lyrics to “If We Ever Broke Up” offer a strong message about relationships and breakups. Written from the perspective of what Stephens would have done if she had her current mindset during a past relationship, the song delivers a powerful message. In the track, she sings, “If we ever broke up, I’d never feel bad. If we ever broke up, I’d call your dad and tell him all the s——-t things you said.”

“It was written from the perspective of if I was still with my ex-boyfriend and, if I had the attitude and the experience that I do now when I was 16, I would have done all these things and told his dad what he did,” Stephens explained in a press release.

As a newly signed artist to EMI Records, Stephens wants to use her own experiences with bullying to be a source of inspiration for those facing similar struggles. “A lot of kids are probably going through stuff that’s a lot worse than what I went through, and it’s not highlighted as much as it should be. To watch kids go through that and not have someone to look up to is something I really hope I can help with. I want to be the champion of the underdogs – Mae’s misfits.”

Mae’s empowering lyrics and upbeat sound are making waves in the music industry. Her relatable and personal themes, combined with her energetic style, make “If We Ever Broke Up” a standout success that is sure to cement Mae Stephens’ place in the pop world. Whether you’re overcoming a breakup or just need a confidence boost, this artist’s music is an anthem for anyone who wants to feel self-assured.

Listen to Mae Stephens’ “If We Ever Broke Up” below

Mae Stephens – If We Ever Broke Up (Official Lyric Video)

With “If We Ever Broke Up” rapidly climbing the charts and Mae’s message reaching a wider audience, she is poised for a big 2023. So, get ready to sing and dance along to this infectious bop.

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