JORDI UP LATE Shares New Single, “PUNX”

Los Angeles-based electro-pop producer JORDI UP LATE returns with another brand new single, “PUNX.”

“PUNX” is the follow-up to JORDI UP LATE’s recent single, “TO BE YOUR FRIEND.” Her latest release sees the 26-year old artist collaborate with fellow Angelino resident, Wyatt Thunder. Talking about the single, JORDI UP LATE shared via a statement, “Sometimes, we give a lot of energy and time to people who aren’t true about their intentions and we feel that we have been played. However, in the end those people are really just playing themselves out of healthy friendships and kind lovers. “PUNX” is basically about telling someone to F*** off and letting toxic people go while also unapologetically and happily reminding them of what they are losing and what we are gaining.”

On its accompanying music video, she continued, “The “PUNX” music video revolved around shooting on a green screen set. I utilized the green screen throughout the entire video as a tool for creating movement, motion, effort, and sweat, without actually going anywhere or accomplishing any distance. This mirrors the idea of putting effort into a relationship that goes unappreciated. The song is also about gaining freedom by saying F*** it and letting my unfiltered feelings guide the way. Green screen also provided an amazing opportunity to get whacky and surreal in post, like a dream – unfiltered. I then purposefully like to reveal the green screen as a comment on fakery and manipulation explored in the lyrics. Overall the visuals needed to reflect both the dark but fun sensibilities of the track.”

Watch JORDI UP LATE’s “PUNX (Featuring Wyatt Thunder)” below

JORDI UP LATE – PUNX (featuring Wyatt Thunder)

JORDI UP LATE recently signed with WRKSHP, a new music-based lifestyle company kickstarted by multi-platinum, Grammy-winning producer Che Pope (Lauryn Hill, Kanye West) and serial entrepreneur Dan Gilbert, headquartered in Detroit.

JORDI UP LATE is set to release more new music this year. You can stay up to date by visiting her website here.

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