Ella Rosa Releases New EP, “Anxious Attachment Style”

Ella Rosa, the UK-born pop artist, has just released her highly anticipated EP Anxious Attachment Style, which is now available to stream on all major digital platforms worldwide. The Los Angeles-based musician has also shared the official video for song “Ruin My Lyf”, which is taken from the newly-released EP.

The six-track EP explores the theme of being authentic and true to oneself, with a focus on letting go of people-pleasing tendencies. Rosa draws inspiration from her childhood when she first discovered electronic music in the UK, and blends it with contemporary R&B and bedroom pop to create a unique and captivating sound. The result is an eclectic mix of melodic beats, soaring vocals, and introspective lyrics that offer a window into Rosa’s personal journey.

In a statement by Rosa, the title of the EP, Anxious Attachment Style, came to her after she realized that all of the music she had been writing was centered around this theme. Instead of trying to suppress her anxieties, Rosa decided to embrace them and channel them into her music. The first genre she explored was drum and bass, which is evident in the speedy beats that drive the tracks on the EP.

“The title came to me when I realized that all of the music I had been writing was fully saturated in themes that link to having an anxious attachment style. Instead of trying to get rid of it I enhanced it and poured it into this project. The first genre I landed on was drum and bass, hence all the speedy drums in all of these songs. I want this project to give people the space to be fun, spontaneous and wear their heart on their sleeve,” explains Rosa.

Watch Ella Rosa’s “Ruin My Lyf” below

Rosa’s music has also been selected for Spotify‘s Notable editorial playlist, solidifying her position as one of the most exciting and genre-bending artists rising in the music industry today. Her performance at SXSW in 2022 marked a significant milestone in her career, and with the release of Anxious Attachment Style, Rosa is poised for even greater success.

For more information on Ella Rosa, order your copy of Anxious Attachment Style, or to find out about any upcoming tour dates, visit her website here.

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